How to Play Dark and Darker: Tips and Tricks


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    Dark and Darker, Ironmace Game’s PvPvE dungeon crawler, offers an extreme challenge with a fantasy setting. Players delve into dungeons in search of loot, either alone or with other players, fighting monsters and adventure partners. If you are new to Dark and Darker, you may be wondering how to play the game.

    Dark and Darker – Beginner’s Guide

    Dark and Darker is not for the faint of heart, and it can be extremely brutal for new players. However, knowing what you’re getting yourself into can be the difference between dying in the dungeon and escaping with your loot. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks for Dark and Darker beginners, which you can find below.

    Learn the Classes

    Dark and Darker features six classes. Each of them is best suited to certain playstyles. The same is true if you’re fighting another player, as you’ll want to identify what class they are and change your playstyle accordingly. Discovering your character’s strengths will better prepare you for a career and allow you to stay alive longer. If you’re playing ranger or wizard, you’ll want to hang back. Melee characters will want to get in close, either attacking and moving back or using a shield to block. Apply this knowledge to enemy players, withdrawing from melee characters if you are a ranged one or closing the distance between you and ranged enemies to bring them within range of your sword.

    learn the monsters

    There are various monsters in Dark and Darker, and these will probably be the most common cause of your death. Each monster has different patterns, special attacks, health and more, so learning them is crucial. One wrong move can quickly land you dead. Don’t be afraid to trick the monsters by luring them into favorable positions for you. You can also walk past monsters you don’t want to fight and go through a door. Closing it behind you will give you precious moments to escape and avoid some monsters altogether.

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    Play slow and smart

    Greed and stupidity are the death of adventurers in Dark and Darker. While hoarding as much treasure as possible can be tempting, it’s easy to fall into a bad position by being greedy. Sometimes it’s better to leave that treasure chest behind and move on to a safer room. also pays to Take your time. Don’t rush from one room to another; stop and look through the doors or scan the entire room before entering. Dark and Darker features many dark areas, making it easy to miss traps, monsters, or even hiding players. Taking your time will leave you less susceptible to surprises.

    Keep your health up

    You will often die in Dark and Darker. Learn the different ways to heal and keep your health. While stockpiling health potions might seem like a good idea, using them and staying alive is better because you never know what the next encounter has in store for you. When playing with others, make sure one of your party is a Cleric, as this is the best healing class in the game. When exploring, take note of the health shrines you find and don’t be afraid to return to them.

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    Know when to fight and when to run

    Not every battle is worth fighting. Sometimes is better avoid fights or withdraw, especially against other players. If you do get into fights, be prepared and aware of what you are getting yourself into. Players can be in groups, which can be fatal if you are playing alone. Don’t be afraid to hide in the shadows and let the players run past or past the monsters and into the next room. Every fight could be your last, so it’s crucial that you come out with as little damage as possible.

    Keep an eye on your surroundings

    There are many things to pay attention to in Dark and Darker, with Dream being the most important. Everything in dungeons makes a sound, including monsters, doors, players, loot, and even footsteps. Make sure to crouch or walk slowly so you can hear your surroundings, as this will prevent players from being able to sneak up on you. You will also want to see the kill food, as this can provide valuable information on how many players are left. Finally, keep an eye on the Swarm of Death and make sure you have a path to follow so you can get ahead.

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