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    Sanctuary of Alo is a relaxing, yoga-focused experience that allows players to explore a peaceful map, participate in yoga classes using various collectible poses, and even earn a handful of free items. Some of these elements, including the winter 2022 collection, they are only available for a limited time, so it is better to collect them as soon as possible. Continue reading below for a brief rundown on how to unlock them.

    How to Unlock Winter 2022 Alo Sanctuary Free Avatar Items in Alo Sanctuary

    The following list details all of the items available within the Winter 2022 collection and how to obtain them. Please continue reading beyond this list to learn more.

    How to meditate in Alo Sanctuary

    Before we can meditate, we need to pick up our free yoga mat. Once you have spawned in Alo Sanctuary, walk forward until you see Alo Store.

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    Right in front of the store’s front door there should be a rack full of colorful yoga mats. Approach this shelf and press me to select one of the mats.

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    Now that your Robloxian is carrying the yoga mat of your choice, it’s time to put it to use. The meditation room It is located to the right of the Alo store.

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    To start meditating, walk through the large archway and approach the platform surrounded by water. Once you’ve uploaded to the platform, you should see an interact button appear that says Begin Meditation-press me to do it

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    after pressing meA menu will appear asking you how long you would like to meditate and in which position you would like to meditate. For a quick session, select one minute. If you prefer a longer session, choose one of the two longer durations. Once you are ready, select Begin.

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    Depending on the length you choose, a one-minute, three-minute, or 10-minute video will play that guides you through a meditation session. After this video is complete, click on the hello on the right side of the screen to verify your mindfulness days Progress. Each day that you meditate, the black circular outline will move to the right, indicating which day you are currently on and which ones you are working on. Every time the outline surrounds a new item, that item will be added to your avatar inventory!

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