The Starbucks For Life users call it a scam after receiving a message from the winner of the awards; heres the official response



    The tenth year of its Starbucks for Life game is open. Customers buy sugar cakes, holiday merchandise, and more.

    Each member gets the chance to win more than four million prizes including Bone Stars and exclusive merch to Delta Airlines tickets.

    Starbucks for Life Not a winner prompt.

    For instance, one-time winners of Starbucks for Life get a prompt for one-time winners so they won’t win.


    This year’s Starbucks for life game was awfully disappointing, so so beg me to give a play that I got it three days straight. Those two days later, any play I have just won never be a winner for anything. Source

    I’m really surprised how long I have been playing the football game at Starbucks. In the last two days, I haven’t won anything for me. Source

    Reports suggest that the game shows players the same message after each turn. This has let them to believe it is lame and rigged.

    Some are even convinced nobody really can win in this game, as suggested by the barrage of complaints currently populated Twitter.

    People in the audience think the game is a fraud.

    The repeated attempts at the Starbucks for Life game have also prompted a number of players (1,2,3,4,5) to call it a bribe.

    The game for life between Starbucks and Starbucks is a crazy fuckin. Source

    starbucks for life is a scam im convinced. Source

    Some claim they never make it past a certain number of bonuses, even if they play the game for years. This likewise says, “Other era is a hell.”

    Not just Starbucks for Life, but also giving some a more common reason to believe that one should not have enough plays messages.

    When entering the area on this page, we’re going to open the door.

    This message appears even for those players who have not played the game. The website doesn’t let them sign in due to this.

    Official response

    Starbucks care acknowledged that issue by responding to complainants’ tweets. In one of the statements, they said that it wasn’t an error.


    In addition to a phrase, the players may lose their glare under the Official Rules.

    Sorry to hear that you’re not a winner lately! Under the Official Rules, the lose message is possible when you shake the globe. As you go and play, this message will pop up more on the board. You need to go back to winning! -Shay is the main man on the hill. Source

    For example, players can continue to play as a prize.

    Keep tabs on the latest developments and update this article accordingly.

    The Featured Image Source is Starbucks.

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