Lens Island on Steam: Tropical Survival Game Adds Sailing Gameplay to The Game



    Do 12/2023 at 7:15 by Michael Miskulin The tropical survival game Lens Island was developed by Michael Miskulin in early age. New versions of this game have finally come out and expanded the basic game, with a archipelago, with sailing vs.

    Players in Lens Island are finding themselves on sunny beaches, on tropical islands and on dangerous survival adventures. It has started in Early Access on Steam and recently received an updated major expansion, Uncharted Waters, which adds to the game new island biomes and sailing boats to the game.

    The Block, the largest city on Steam, was shot by the world’s biggest city builders.

    Lens Island: Update Uncharted Waters turns the survival game into an action thriller.

    Since the new update Uncharted Waters for Lens Island has finally been released, the player can build a boat to explore the maritime world around the island of origin. The game produces an archipelago, procedurally. For this player, they may go on an island exploration tour for each other and find new islands. There are often ancient ruins to explore while the player is solving jumping or switching puzzles in the dusty island dungeons. In the battle against monsters in the tombs, the update has added a skill-based combat system and character upgrades.

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    If you don’t notice a flood, a flood, or water damage, you will have better en masse. The player can then build new towns and manage this village as a construction project until the grateful NPCs return to the players. The Uncharted Water Update is now available to all Lens Island owners. The base game is also 40 percent off on Steam until December 22 (buy price around 13 euros), so now it’s better to check out the game.

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