Genshin Impact fans feel cheated by leaked Alhaitham nerf



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    Though it’s still in the works, Genshin Impact’s next five-star Dendro sword unit, Alhaitham, is already making headlines for the controversy surrounding its leaked kit. It was leaked that Alhaitham would supposedly become a DPS unit, with a kit the community claims is similar to Keqing’s, but with better multipliers.

    Characters are usually tweaked in the beta prior to release, so it came as a surprise when Alhaitham’s initially stellar performance reportedly took a huge nerf. A post to r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks shows what they claim to be the nerfed numbers. Based on the information provided, Alhaitham’s Elemental Skill seems to be particularly hard hitwith Elemental Mastery multipliers reduced from 705% to 282%.

    While these numbers seem innocuous to the English-speaking community, some Chinese fans have taken to Twitter to express their disdain for this supposed nerf. In particular, they were upset by the 2 mirror projection attack damage numbers, which were leaked to undergo the following changes:

    • old multiplier leaked: 115.2% Attack + 230.4% Elemental Mastery
    • New filtered multiplier: 116.6 percent Attack + 233.3 percent elemental mastery

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    The number 2333 is a commonly used slang in the Chinese community, meaning “haha” or “hahaha”. According to Twitter user @YULAN_1018, HoYoverse’s use of 2333 for Alhaitham’s supposed multiplier indicates that the developer is mocking the player base. Chinese players have been expressing his anger on Twitterespecially since they believe the figures claimed by the leakers are unlikely to be reversed.

    While this number could well be a coincidence, the allegations line up with the developer’s recent crackdown on leaks, which has done little to limit their spread. So while Sumeru’s ever-reliable Scribe has proven more than capable in-game, leaks allege that HoYoverse seems hell-bent on turning his DPS prowess to dust. Please note that this information is based entirely on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt..

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