The spacetime of a simulation universe has been manipulated in the lab


    News JovaTech Science, not science fiction. The spacetime of the simulation was manipulated in the laboratory.

    Published on 12/15/2022, 15:50.

    The scenario that scientists have managed to achieve is only science fiction. This is a very real experience that shows us how to create a world in the lab.

    To understand space-time is to understand our universe.

    There isn’t the matter of bending our space time, as a result of the scientists of the University of Heidelberg, having succeeded in creating a flexible space-time. Our Universe had an origin. All that seems hard to believe is still an experiment published in the scientific journal Nature.

    If you’ve already lost, don’t panic. We can even read a less amusing sentence of the review: Space and time are so fundamental that we can’t talk about them without being able to express their true existence with a precise precision. We are still in the stage of questions and not of answers. But such progress leads to some answers finally.

    The relationship between space and time is absolutely what governs our whole Universe. All in all it is necessary to come back to Albert Einstein’s discovery and the foundations. We know that light speed is reasonable. It means that it is calculated in relativity to another object in function. Albert Einstein adapted, and therefore determined that rhythm depends on the movement and, as well as its play, on the effect of attraction for example.

    Curving space-time in the laboratory isn’t possible.

    It appears that the german research group was able to recreate the spacetime of the lab, thus making it possible for experiments. It is therefore possible to use theory of fields, relativity or even quantum mechanics on this model.

    The purpose is to understand how our universe began to expand to become its present version. Knowing it is constantly expanding and that it’s now impossible to understand its origins. This experiment is the answer to one of the greatest human questions: what is the origin of the universe?

    On the other hand, understanding something too far shows how to create space-time so attractive. Since we understand that in nature, it takes an object of astronomical mass, like a star, to bend the continuum. We suspect that it isn’t on Earth that we will find it.

    The researchers developed a cloud of potassium atoms that fuses them into a quantum field simulator. In spite of that, the temperature was at -273.15C., a digited zoo, the octane, and zero o’clock. As such, the subject returned to the Bose-Einstein condensate state. This is a state where the energy disturbances can be seen.

    If the topic interests you and you don’t wish to get that popularized, you can find it! That piece is here.


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