How to restore AP in Crisis Core


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    Action Points are important in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, as they allow you to unleash powerful Command Materia attacks. Here are all the ways you can top up your AP bar, so you don’t run out of energy in the middle of battles.

    How to recover AP in FF7 Crisis Core

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    the faster A way of recover AP in Crisis Core Reunion is to use save points. Since he will spend most of his time doing missions at Shinra’s headquarters, the floating save icon can be used between his mini-missions to automatically restore Zack’s HP, MP, and AP. Save points are also scattered throughout the main story missions, so they’re definitely a lifesaver you’ll want to take advantage of often and strategically. Because some missions can be incredibly difficult, you can also keep your action gauge topped up with Soma, Elixir, and the DMW mech system. Below are all the methods you can use to restore AP in Crisis Core.

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    How to buy Soma in Crisis Core?

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    the main Article that restore AP in Crisis Core is SomaWhat can be bought at the Shinra store for 200 gil a bottle. You can access the store at any time by pressing the pause button and selecting the Stores tab from the main menu. Once you have obtained Soma, you can select the item in your inventory by using the R2 button while in battle. Once highlighted, the B button will consume the potion to restore Zack’s AP. Soma can also be obtained as a random drop from chests, quest rewards, as well as a supply drop in the Shinra Brief room. As long as you have money, you will be able to quickly pick up the item in the pause menu during missions. However, you cannot access the store if you are already in combat mode.

    Where to find Elixir in Crisis Core?

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    The second item that restores AP in Crisis Core is the elixir potion. Unlike Soma, however, the consumable is a rare item that fully restores HP, MP, and AP at the same time. Because of this, you won’t be able to buy this whenever you want. The main way Elixir can be found is through random chests in quests and main story missions. The potion can also be collected as a reward in certain quests. The Elixir is definitely something you’ll want to keep in your inventory as a backup plan, and only use as a last resort in a big boss fight.

    How to restore AP with DMW in Crisis Core?

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    The Digital Mind Wave system in Crisis Core can also fill your action bar, but it’s completely random. The unique mechanic of the lottery is the implementation of limits in the game. However the DMW can too AP reload if you get the right combination. If all three slots reach 4 in a row, then your AP bar will be costless for the entire fight. This means you can spam your Command Materia as many times as you want, and your action bar won’t go down. If you get a 7 slot and two random numbers after it, Zack’s AP bar will cost zero for 12 seconds. And lastly, if his DMW gets three matching portraits, he will automatically have his HP, MP, and AP full. Although you have no control over the turns you’ll get, you should pay attention to these status effect changes in battle, as they can prevent you from having to use a Soma or Elixir. While no Final Fantasy Crisis Core Materia restores Action Points, AP Materia can be fused together to increase the total bar percentage. If you use all of the methods available in the game interchangeably, you will be able to get through most of Reunion’s story without running out of action points.

    How to restore AP from winning battles in FF7 Crisis Core

    Once you become a Private First Class as part of the story, you are ranked after every battle you encounter in Crisis Core. Depending on various factors, you can restore AP from winning fights. Various percentages of AP can be restored based on how many enemies you kill with Yellow Materia, an attack that uses AP. Each kill gives you 5% AP restored.

    However, the best way to restore AP by winning a fight is to not take damage in a fight, as it restores 20% AP and also restores HP and MP by 20%. This can stack, so not taking damage and killing enemies with abilities will increase the percentage of AP restored.

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