The Rock is not in the DC Universe, but now it is


    For a radical change in the DC Universe, power hierarchy is so great. While The Rock was technically correct when he said the DC Universe would change forever, he did not understand when that would happen. As it turns out, a reboot of the struggling cinematic universe was not the result of Black Adam’s arrival. Instead, James Gunn is giving Marvel: Endgame Thanos on the DC Universe by destroying everything built before.

    The Rock’s decades-long struggle to get Black Adam on the screen officially ended.

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    In a little detail, after black Adam’s inconvenience with the box office, a person can’t take the evictors to the Brahma Bull, but no one believes that the film had gotten into trouble, but The Rock has already got to include James Gunn and Peter Safran.

    According to Johnson, he and Gunn connected and the conversation ultimately led to Adam being booted out of DC Universe, even temporarily. Johnson says that his production studio, Seven Bucks Productions, has continued working with DC Studios to find ways to insert Black Adam in “current multiverse chapters”.

    If that wasn’t already done yet, what Johnson said would be essentially useless if the slate of films that are part of DC Extended Universe next year’s list is fully useless.

    Black Adam Adam.

    Dwayne Johnson (@The Rock) December 20, 2022.

    Unless it’s consolation, Black Adam’s temporary exit from the DC Universe won’t mean the Rock doesn’t return anymore. Given that this project is his passion, we’re pretty sure The Rock will make sure he will come back in the future. But what this means is that character isn’t safe. If booting Henry Cavill as Superman was done to send a message, doing the same to The Rock and Black Adam is equivalent to double down.

    The Rock will not be as old as the king of Kahndaq when Gunn comes calling. Keep in mind that The Rock is 50 years old now. The DC Universe has started its first chapter, so it will likely push a 60-inch bend. This left him several years for imposing figures before age (and his apparent steroid use) caught up to him.

    It’s unclear if bigger box office figures would have changed James Gunn’s mind about Black Adam.

    In the meantime, fans might like watching the band’s upcoming list of sequels to Jungle Cruise, Red Notice and Jumanji, as well.


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