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    Kabam Games introduces a new version of Disney Mirrorverse, a holiday update which shows two highly-popular characters. That’s what it was like, but it turned out that the two members of the team made up Beast from Beauty and Beast and Beast, all-new tank class Guardian. Meanwhile, Olaf from Frozen will visit the match on December 27, as he will go for a perfect gift in a quest for a gift. He can, likewise, heal and buff his party through collecting wolves on the battlefield. We’ve got more info on each other below, the quest going for sale until January 13th.

    Credit: Kabam Games

    Olaf: Healing of heart and spirit.

    Olaf, clearly glowing with his internal warmth, is an ointment of comfort for his friends, in spite of his frosty exterior. His Disney Mirrorverse allies get invigorated with his warm presence and even warmer hugs, while the enemies often are in their own hands accustomed to a perfectly pitched snowball.

    Beast: Knight-Errant of the Enchanted Wood.

    In his castle, the prince lived from the blind to the fierce new world outside. But when Belle revealed that his perfect world was all an illusion, and he was actually a cursed Beast, he took a chance to prove that he was worth love. Now protector of those who travel in his wild forests, Beast can keep his axes for monsters and for the Fractured alike. Beast is now the protector of those who travel in the wildest forest. Beast’s axe has been left to bear on all sorts of creatures. Beast listens to what’s happening to his allies and reacts, thereby making him a high-priority target for his allies, as long as he gets stronger, if his allies take damage. Beast also brings a new event quest that runs until Dec. 26 where players help him and Elsa protect Port Royal against a constantly offensive threat.



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