Sharing passwords from the streaming service is illegal and can be considered criminal fraud


    A large number of subscribers of streaming service share their passwords with their friends and family. Netflix is trying to crack this practice, and the government of the UK has made an attempt to combat the law.

    The Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom has published a new antipiracy guide in collaboration with Meta. It’s designed to help people avoid pirate-and-favour drugs and other fake goods on the internet. Most of the advice is public knowledge, but in the section titled Piraters, one of the actions listed that violate copyright laws is to give a password to streams.

    There are some law-related rules in criminal and civil law that can apply if password exchanges permit users to use copyrighted works without payment, the agency said in a separate clarification. If the case is, these terms could cover the breach of contract, fraud or secondary copyright infringement.

    The US Crown Courts has said that membership services without payment and without membership (this description can be applied to the exchange of streaming service passwords) are a legitimate activity.

    We add that the American authorities adopt similar opinions. In 2016, a federal appeals court confirmed that password sharing could be considered a felony under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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    Many streaming services allow the transmission of passwords to individuals outside the subscribers’ group. Though companies ignored this practice until recently, in 2017, Netflix encouraged him.

    However, after the first decline in subscriber base, Netflix is trying to crack down on password sharing, which occurs only in a quarter of the US households.



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