Overwatch League to lower minimum player age for 2023 in order to gain more access to competition



    Even the beginning of the 2023-23 season is likely to resume on Sunday, but after a series of delays relating to the world event and to demolished partnerships, the powers that will be trying to do that remain in the effort to improve the race.

    As days as the free agency period begins on Dec. 23, after two rounds of delaysthe head of the Overwatch League, Sean Miller, announced a new rule which would encourage the competitiveness of the team.

    According to an announcement on Millers twitter, players can join the league at the age of seventeen next season. This is a double digit, which was required for all players the first five years of OWL competition.

    We’re excited to share that our minimum age for OWL competition will be 17 o’clock in 2023. In a free to play world, we want to make overwatch competitions accessible and inclusive as well.

    Sean Miller (@sean_mmills) December 22, 2022

    As we look at the upcoming FA window on Saturday, we excitedly shared that our minimum age for OWL will be 17 in 2023, said Miller in an Instagram post. In an accessible field, we want to make the best of overwatch competitions as accessible as possible.

    This ruling puts under view the OWL teams in a large percentage of Overwatch Contenders players. Many big talent narrowly miss the signing window every year and often sit on the bench for the first time of the season, before coming in and making statements when they age up. League teams have more talent than ever before from the Path to Pro.

    Teams are looking for an uncertain future as negotiations broke down over the launch of a new release of C.K., who will allow Blizzard games to be available on mainland China. The four teams under the OWL are from China and the fifth is run by a Chinese organization. This deal might dismantle or completely rebuild the East region in 2023.

    If there are no other delays in the league, fans should hear more about 2023 rosters after Dec. 23. Immediately following that date, teams officially can sign free agentsof which there are more than 100 apiece from the 2022 seasonand publicly announce their decisions to Overwatch.



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