The Pokemon Pokémon TCG: Silver Tempest Part 16: Ralts Line



    In November 2022, Pokemon TCG released the final main series set of the Sword & Shield era. The expansion, sword & Shield Silver Tempest, came out on September 9th, 2022. The twelfth set has been introduced under the Shield banner, and a Japanese set of characters and figures, with a subset of trainer gallery transforming the image ofVMAX Climax. The Lugia-themed Sword & Shield Silver Tempest also continues the Radiant Pokemon and the Trainer Gallery, this group is a specific subset of Rare Characters, Super Rare Characters, Full Art Trainers and White & Gold VMAXes that began in the first set of the year, Sword andamp; Shield Brilliant Stars. As soon as we can see the artwork, we discuss the place of the card in the frame and what type of expansion might be necessary to the future of the Pokemon TCG. Tomorrow we’ll take one of the three Radiant cards of sword and a shield.

    Silver-plated cards. The Pokemon Doom was an official game.

    The Ralts line begins in the Sword & Shield Silver Tempest with a beautiful illustration by Nagomi Nijo. Ralts is made of manga, with blossoming trees on one side and bright cities on the other side, showing that Ralts leaves a trail of pink shimmering light in its wake. Yukiko Baba aspires to a pastel-coloured-pencil-style Kirlia. With purple hills in the middle of the hilltop, there was a soft and strange scene, bringing up the cuteness of this line. Final touches will be on in a painterly gardevoir by the Pokemon TCG legend, Mitsuhiro Arita, who was responsible for the iconic Base Set Charizard. We can see that even though all of these years have passed, Arita continues to work as an incredible person. You can see our aritaTCG spotlights here, here and here.

    Stay tuned for the coming quest through Pokemon TCG: ‘Sword & Shield Silver Tempest’ Next time, focus continue with the expansion.



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