No new Chocobo-GP Characters Are Appearing After Season 5!


    The final new version of the PG will be announced in Season 5. Square Enix announced that the new patch will be released on December 21 22. This means the course of the prize pass process will get ended and mythril won’t be sold anymore. The Mythril Shop has been closing on January 6, 2023. It means that Chroma, Volg and FFVII Midgar map are the last major additions to Chocobo GP.

    Square Enix also explained how things will work now that the Prize Pass and Mithril are being phased out. The Chocobo GP mode isn’t included in the rankings. The Mythril people do not have any access to this shop when it exists. There won’t be any refunds for this. Season 1 Exclusive Prize Pass level and Mythril Shop rewards, as usual like the playable Chocobo GP characters Cloud and Squall, could be sold in Gil and Ticket Shops now.

    This is as Square Enix revealed update for the Season 5 in Chocobo GP. As mentioned, there are many games for Chroma and Volg in the Chocobo series. People can run a FFVII Midgar course. Holiday-themed cosmetics will appear. There are also 800 bonus points in this login if the patch is shown.

    Square Enix shared screenshots of the FFVII Midgar course.

    Well, you’ll be outseen in a little.

    Midgar from @FantasyVII is the new stage in Chocobo GP Season 5 arriving 22:00 PST December 21st | 06:00 GMT December 22nd.

    FANTASY FANTASY December 21, 2022

    Chocobo GP is available for the Nintendo Switch, and the new version of Season 5, which has been released on December 22.


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