The PlayStation Twitter/X integration is ending next week.


    PlayStation’s integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) is ending next week via a new update for PS5 and PS4. This means users will no longer be able to upload screenshots and video clips directly from the console to the social media site.

    An announcement update was posted on Playstation support page states that on Monday, November 13, the X integration will end, with “the ability to view any content published on X on PS5/PS4, and content, trophies, and gameplay directly on X Includes the ability to post and view other activities related to PS5/PS4 (or link an X account to do so).

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    While annoying for frequent users of this feature, which offers an easy way to post gameplay content to the platform, there are some more involved alternatives depending on your platform. If you’re a PS5 user, you can still use the PlayStation Mobile app to upload gameplay captures and post to X. You can read how to do it here. Here. PS4 users will have to rely on ShareFactory and do a bit more work, and you can read those steps here. Here.

    Microsoft made the same move in April by disabling sharing directly from the console on X and directing players to use the Xbox app on mobile (with some speculating the decision was due to the platform’s then-new monthly application programming interface. (API) was done to avoid payment.fee). This now means that the Switch will become the only console that supports direct media sharing on the X.

    What do you think of the decision to end the X merger? Do you use this feature regularly? Tell us in the comments!


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