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    Call of Duty: Warzone introduced ranked play that allows players to compete in Battle Royale mode and rise through the ranks. If you’re wondering if Warzone’s rankings have dropped, here’s how to check.

    Is CoD Warzone ranked down?

    When you start a match in Warzone ranked play, you may need some time to find the right lobby for you so you can play against similarly ranked opponents. If the wait time is extremely long or you simply cannot open the Warzone Ranked tab from the menu, then there is likely a server issue.

    To check if Warzone’s ranking is low, you can check the Call of Duty Updates page on Twitter/X. The developers are quick to acknowledge any ongoing server issues and provide an update on the resolution. Therefore, make sure to update the game from your client to fix the issue.

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    You can also visit the Activision Support Online Services Warzone website to check if the servers are working as expected for different platforms. Also, visit the down detector community website to see if there are any spikes in the graph indicating how many players have reported connectivity or other issues in the last few hours. I suggest you also register your complaint if you have any problem to inform other players.

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