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    In many anime experiences on Roblox, such as the popular one piece game (AOPG), accessories are highly sought after unlockable items that offer unique (and often crucial) advantages to your character. In some cases, such as with the Light Admiral set, these accessories can only be obtained by defeating certain enemies and may require a little more effort.

    All of Light Admiral Kizaru’s accessories in a One Piece game and what they offer

    Added with the Light Fruit V3 update, the Light Admiral Battlefield Dungeon Sea 3 features a boss named Kizaru, who, upon defeat, has the opportunity to obtain one of four exclusive accessories. These accessories and what they offer can be found in the list below.

    • Light Admiral Pants
      • Improvements:
        • +550 Strength
        • +1000 Fruit
        • +300 Haki
        • +950 Defense
    • Light Admiral Shirt
      • Improvements:
        • +1000 Strength
        • +1200 Durability
        • +800 Haki

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    • Light Admiral’s Goggles
      • Improvements:
        • +800 Fruit
        • +800 Durability
        • +950 Haki
    • Light Admiral’s Cloak
      • Improvements:
        • +500 Haki
        • +900 Durability
        • +1200 Fruit

    At the time of publication of this article, the drop chances of these items are unknown. However, since the Light Fruit V3 scroll has a 1% drop chance, I would expect these items to have a similar percentage.


    That’s it for this quick guide on all the accessories that can be obtained from the Light Admiral Kizaru boss. Do you already have any of these accessories? What are your opinions about them? Let me know in the comments below!

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