The new broken gun attachment makes one-shot kills easier in Warzone Season 6.


    Warzone Season 6 introduces several new weapon modifications, one of which is completely broken.

    Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD has shared a very cracked build online that breaks a certain shotgun, enabling it to kill other players with a single shot.

    A new gun attachment completely breaks down the Lockwood 300 shotgun.

    A year ago many players would have scoffed at the idea of ​​Lockwood 300 being part of the Warzone meta. Its slow reload speed and inconsistent kills make it a less-than-preferred choice for many players.

    However, Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD believes that a new attachment to the gun makes it “completely broken” and capable of one-shotting.

    Maelstorm Dual Trigger increases damage and reload speed and turns the Lockwood 300 into a dual-shot weapon. This comes at the expense of some recoil control, range, and magazine capacity, but still makes the gun a powerful weapon.

    JGOD’s tests, which he conducted himself due to the lack of available data, showed that the gun could kill a fully mounted enemy in a single shot from a distance of 10.5 meters while firing from the hip. It can aim down and 4.25 meters while doing so.

    Warzone Season 6 has brought changes to the Gun meta.

    The big change that came with Season 6 was the introduction of the ISO 9mm, a precision-crafted SMG that many players are hoping will change the game meta.

    Aside from changes to the Lockwood 300 shotgun and the introduction of the 9mm, the Meta hasn’t changed much. The ISO 45 and Lachmann Sub have not been weakened despite their popularity as weapons.

    Only time will tell how long the current Season 6 Meta lasts and if the Lockwood 300 or ISO 9mm is phased out in the near future.


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