Smoothie Factory Tycoon Codes (September 2023)


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    Updated September 29, 2023

    Latest codes added! We update our list!

    Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon turns your childhood smoothie stand into a full-fledged factory, with huge blenders and other production tools to mix up endless smoothies. Earn in-game money and build your smoothie empire, topping the leaderboards with the most money earned, then explore other planets to discover exciting new smoothie flavors to add to your production line.

    I highly recommend claiming the codes below for Smoothie Factory Tycoon as they will reward you with crates, cash, and upgrades that can give you a huge advantage as a new player. If you like similar blending tycoon games, check out our compilation of zombie trading codes and Roblox Blending Simulator 2 codes so you don’t miss out on awesome limited-time rewards.

    List of all Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon codes

    Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon Codes (Working)

    • The British code—Redeem for a metal box, 1 taken mix, and a 180-second boost. (NEW)
    • ABX—Redeem for a 60-second boost (NEW)
    • It is not so difficult—Redeem for a wooden box
    • Development articles—Redeem for a box of magma and a 120-second boost
    • IceRockJump—Redeem for a 60-second boost
    • johan—Redeem for $25,000, a 120-second boost, 2 Mix Tokens, and a Wooden Box
    • spring loaded—Redeem for a 60-second boost
    • Imawall—Redeem for a 60-second boost
    • DaveThe Man On The Podium—Redeem for a wooden box, a diamond box, and a metal box

    Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon Codes (Expired)

    • red floor entrance—Redeem for $25,000, a gold box, and a 160-second boost

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    How to Redeem Codes in Smoothie Factory Tycoon

    Follow the steps below to redeem codes on Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon:

    1. Click on the Settings icon on the left side of the screen.
    2. Click on Codes at the bottom of the popup window.
    3. Write the code exactly as it is in the Enter the code Text’s box.
    4. Click Redeem to get rewards.

    How can you get more Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon codes?

    To find more codes for Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon, follow the developer’s instructions. Blend Productions Discord Server, where codes can be published periodically. You can also find hidden codes in the game, so you will only find a few as you play and explore new planets. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page as we will constantly update it with all the working codes, so you don’t have to search for them yourself.

    Why aren’t my Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon codes working?

    Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon codes may not work for several reasons. First of all, you may have spelled it wrong (which happens to all of us). Make sure you write the codes exactly as written above to avoid errors. Secondly, you may have already claimed the code before. Codes can only be claimed once! Finally, the code may have expired. If that’s the case, let us know in the comments below so we can remove it from our list of working codes.

    How to Get More Free Rewards in Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon

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    To claim more free rewards in Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon, click Rewards button in the left corner of the screen. You can claim one free reward per day and the rewards improve as your streak increases. If you miss a day, you’ll have to start from the first day again, so don’t forget to log in periodically.

    What is Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon?

    Roblox Smoothie Factory Tycoon allows players to build their own smoothie factory and manage a production line, mixing endless smoothies of various flavors. Players can explore new worlds, discover new smoothie flavors, and purchase automation to earn more and more money with little effort. Top the leaderboards by getting the most money in this super delicious tycoon game.

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