Monster Hunter Now (MH Now) Referral Codes


    Updated September 29, 2023

    New referral code added!

    Monster Hunter Now is the latest in the Monster Hunter line of games, but it takes inspiration from Pokémon Go! You’ll be tapping and swiping your way to victory as you level up and create new gear. One of the first things you’ll see in the game is asking you for a code. Read on to find out how to get an MH Now referral code.

    Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes List

    Using the Monster Hunter referral code when prompted is important because you will get great free items, as will the person who refers you. For example, you are free to use my Reference code, which 4WN9HXEY. In the following list, you will find more referral codes, but you can only use one at the beginning of the game:

    • 6NM3XC6R (new)
    • 5YKV96RP (new)
    • 92HHW89E
    • C6FHCNXX
    • 2T3HX3J8
    • MFM46CMT
    • 4R6HHKKV
    • PW26XYC8
    • 8665E639
    • WHJX5P9K
    • 9P4F6TP9
    • 9NT3M5F2
    • TVNY5XEC
    • YKND5TH9
    • WMDRP9EE
    • DKMPHYX9
    • 55MWH6E8
    • D98NVPTE
    • JW8MWP92
    • MXRH46FD
    • JKW8P9W8
    • VD238Y9N
    • EMVFVP49
    • 53KEEKWJ
    • KRRN4NP6
    • 9VJ9H3HW
    • RDH69C33
    • 26JCCMKJ
    • KM9RRW6V
    • CYT2PWCD
    • JHDDHW4M
    • PKYWN24J
    • DTVY8DW3
    • 3X52W269
    • P33VV4D4
    • T8NDDKMP
    • M4TDD3TR
    • VHT4DME3
    • N34TH8ER
    • PKD6YFJP
    • 9VY3VRXD
    • 6N8DEWKX
    • PTXN5MKV
    • 83NRWMMM
    • DDEFV3PM
    • N6XJHDY6

    How to Get Monster Hunter Now Referral Code

    You can request and share MH Now referral codes with your friends or find alternative codes on social media like reddit. You’ll get your own code when you reach level 6 (MH6), and I’ll explain where to find it below.

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    When you use a referral code on MH Now, you will get the following:

    • 2x paint balls – used to mark targets
    • 3x healing potions – used to heal between battles
    • 1,000 zenis – MH Nows Man Coin

    The person who refers you will get:

    • 3x paint balls
    • 5x healing potions
    • 300 zenis

    How to find your own referral code

    Image from MyFullGames

    As soon as you reach level 6 in Monster Hunter Now, you will open your friends list as well as your own referral code. Follow these instructions to find your code:

    1. Click on your avatarBottom right.
    2. Select the Friends tab.
    3. Click Add friends.
    4. Scroll to the end of the page.

    Now you can share your own codes with your friends and you can both reap the benefits!

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