The Jockey of Pocket Card rides onto the Apple Arcade later this month




    Pocket Card Jockey is still my favorite game for Nintendo. I absolutely love the little swarm of solitaire and horse racing. Of course, its one of two games that I still play as always on my New Nintendo 2DS XL (the other one beingFantasy Life). This month, when you can get a handout, a pity of more than two thousand pounds.At the time, Pocket Card Jockey’s a flyover and a passover has become an Apple Arcade exclusive. The game will be called 3D, along with the classic gameplay that made it so addictive.

    You may remember that Game Freak had ported the original Pocket Card Jockey to Android not long after it launched for 3DS, but that version wasn’t localized outside Japan. This version is different from Android, but its long-lost title has been rescued by the Apple Arcade service. You might remember that PlatinumGamesWorld of Demons disappeared from apps until later that it was fully released. Once again, a few months later, the original soft release allowed the company to do so. The same thing happened to Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.

    Apple isn’t as exciting as it once was, but it’s still good to know that Apple is sticking with that service and bringing fun new titles to subscribers likePocket Card Jockey – Ride On!.The other three games are Episode XOXO from Pocket Gems, the jigsaw puzzlerFollow, and the physics puzzlerProne Drop.



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