Roblox’s Ready Player Two event left incomplete after recent Dungeon Quest update


    Image via Roblox Ready Player Two

    To the disappointment of many players, the ready player two (RP2) the event can no longer be completed from December 27, 2022. Running since 2020, this event has offered players the chance to unlock a variety of free items for over two years. Now, in 2023, however, one of these items is completely unobtainable, and another is likely to follow.

    With dungeon questIn the December 26, 2022 update, the ability to earn the Ready Player Two badge, and in turn, the exclusive item from experience, has been removed. This article, the chaotic top hat, could be obtained after completing the RP2 quest in Dungeon Quest, which involved collecting gems, cracking a code, and defeating a boss. Upon completing this quest, players would obtain the Chaotic Top Hat item and Meet the developer! Badge.

    To fully end the Ready Player Two event, users had to complete in-game missions in Seven different roblox experiences, vehicle simulator, shark bite, Bad business, Robloxian High School, bee swarm simulator, Little pigand Dungeon Quest. Once all missions were completed and all applicable badges earned, players were able to return to the Ready Player Two Hub and exchange their badges for the free badges. meta shadows Article. However, now that the RP2 badge has been removed from Dungeon Quest, the Meta Shades are no longer obtainable, except for those who already earned all seven badges before the update and simply didn’t turn them in.

    For those saddened by this news, it’s important to note that only the Meta Shades and Chaotic Top Hat that have been removed; the other six free badges and items can still be obtained by following the guides below.

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