The Fortnite Ganges Goth With a swoon with the Graveheart Outfit


    The new version of Fortnite, Graveheart, is ridiculous and, in all likelihood, fantastic.

    Sure, that’s true of many Fortnite costumes, especially when someones slack. The Graveheart outfit is also very cool now, but given its dark angel motif, it adds to the recent Saints Row reboot.

    Take this outfit as described and repurchase. For 1,500 V-Bucks you can get the silver Dirge wrap, Wings of Woe back bling and Plumed Talon pickaxe. Yes, Epic have uncoupled the wings from the outfit, which seems a bit cheeky, but we can perhaps overlook that given the style of the whole ensemble.

    This set has also a higher price, less gloomy than the Ghostlight outfit. One more thing is that Epic sat down with the black and threw it on. You can also mix and match the outfits. I don’t want to put those pink and white wings on Boba Fett.

    Human limbs are a major life-changing thing.

    Shed some light, with the Ghostlight style in Memento Mori Set.

    Fortnite (@Fortnitegame) January 8, 2023

    We don’t say anything but that’s a catch. Like most Fortnite skins, you can expect Ghostlight and Graveheart will be available for a limited time. They will likely disappear once you can snap them up now. Or, plus likely, Epic will bring them back at a non-specified time.

    It is to you whether it’s worth investing all of the money for this costume. Sadly there isn’t anyone else with the ghostlight/Graveheart outfits. But even though we get in line with these new costumes, a very serious relic on the new model.


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