Team Sweet creams opponents of the Splatoon three splatfest


    Sweet victory.

    The final whistle on Saturday, weekend’s Splatoon 3 splatfest, has been knocked out by tired and sticky kids who return to the locker, and now a full winner in the battle of Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour: Scoop yerself a victory ice-cream Team Sweet.

    Sure, fans of the sweetest food are going to make the gong this weekend, with 30 points per hour in total, double the edge of its closest competitors, Team Spicy (15 points), and far ahead of third-place winner Team Sour (12 points).

    For one more reason, this latest result gave Frye the splatfest win. The fans started to feel a little sorry for her in recent weeks, as she had to get a splatfest victory, and the fact that she had already lost her colorful co-hosts made a buck around the world, so it’s nice to see this particular band member have their moment of glory finally.

    Congratulations to the hard-priced players of Team Sweet. If you remember to take all the rewards from the town square, ask to take note of your tooth brush, then you should remember to brush your teeth three times a day. The sugar comes with one gallon.

    Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

    3 vs 153012#3

    Splatoon (@SplatoonJP) January 9, 2023


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