It’s the time for Limbus Company to open for the first time in December 2023


    The revised release date for Limbion has been set. The developer Project Moon announced via Twitter the global release date had been narrowed to February 27. The game was originally scheduled to hit PC, iOS and Android in December 2022, but the release date slipped into February 2023. According to a statement from Director Kim Jihoon, the delay was related to the efforts of the teams to develop a mobile title for the first time and to protect the cross-platform support.

    LimbusCompany is the third game of Project Moon. It’s related to its two previous games, Lobotomy and Ruina. All share the common theme of being inspired by horror stories, particularly by those created through a collaborative venture project with the SCP Foundation. The name of this game was found in the Wikipedia Dictionary. Besides that, in the 1970s, the developer swung into the original machine-held gymnate.

    Unlike the traditional dungeon game, Limbus is a more upscale game. Check out its first trailer below.

    Project Moon released a new mechanics-focused trailer as part of the finalized release date. The new trailer shows the basic combat system. You can view this with English subtitles using the captions on the screen below.

    The playable Sinners ofLimbus Company have different attributes and affinities related to damage types, and the seven sins that have killed them. The use of them in particular combination boosts their Resonance, which accelerates their damage and effects. If your enemy wants to defend against these attacks, you have to pick the right attack.

    Limbus Company is arriving on PC, Android and iOS on February 27, 2023.


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