The first glimpse of MW3 Zombies and Monkey Bombs comes from an advertisement.


    There have been some weird and wonderful Call of Duty ad campaigns over the years, and one of the most head-scratching so far gives us our first look at Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

    Call of Duty’s advertising campaigns have put the series in a bit of trouble, as Modern Warfare 3 was broken to the world by a leaked Monster Energy campaign, and now, history is repeating itself.

    Ahead of Modern Warfare 3’s showcase on October 5th, a brand new serialized campaign ad has offered an exclusive look at the undead game mode, though we’re not sure it’s something you’ll want to think about when you Breakfast while crunching on yourself

    Modern Warfare 3 zombies are shown through a serial advertisement.

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    Zombies are quickly becoming one of the most anticipated elements of the October 5th CoD Next event with fans is dying To see how the franchise-first open world mode will work.

    Now, Modern Warfare 3 Zombies has been showcased for the first time, as serial brand Offlimits has teamed up with Activision to create a themed snack bar.

    From first impressions, this creepy crossover shows that the zombie mode will be played during the day, similar to Outbreak, although there will likely be some elements inside where the darkness jumps and the jumps increase.

    Walking corpses also appear to be fairly light, though it may be fewer rounds, which has led players to think that MW3 Zombies will be easier than previous installments. But maybe they want you to underestimate them…

    Modern Warfare 3 will see the return of zombie ape bombs.

    As a key part of the Call of Duty Zombies mode, the classic monkey bombs are confirmed to be back, playing as big a role as ever.

    The undead-destroying device seems to have returned to its former glory, with the mad monkey banging cymbals to attract hordes of zombies before unleashing a devastating explosion. This should give players a few seconds of rest.

    For those who are somewhat unsure of the open-world setting, there will at least be some element of training zombies and obliterating them with the help of our mechanical sidekick.


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