Modern Warfare 3 beta will destroy your console storage.


    While Modern Warfare 2 is ramping up content for its final season, with a chorus of eerie skins to roam the streets of Al Mazra and multiplayer maps, the next wave of Call of Duty content is quickly coming to a screeching halt. is coming .

    The trilogy title is here to hit like a tsunami, as Modern Warfare 3 is taking no prisoners – but smashing them. But if you want to get hands-on with multiplayer playtests, you might regret the investment, as an MW3 beta hitch will destroy your console.

    The Modern Warfare 3 Beta will take up 24GB of storage… with one catch

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    A new Call of Duty means your storage capacity is getting ready for battering. These days, CoD titles take every last ounce of power from your console’s hard drive.

    Warzone 1 started the trend, and now Modern Warfare 3 is set to continue it, as the beta is set to cost you a precious 24GB on its own. Playstation size.

    However, the beta won’t come as its own game, and will instead serve as this new pattern of being Call of Duty DLC, which means you also need the main client…

    Modern Warfare 3 requires a 120GB Call of Duty hub to run.

    Fear not, if you still play Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone, this bottleneck won’t be too much of a concern for you, you’ll just have to download the DLC for 24GB and get cracking on shooting. But if you’re a returning player or a first-time CoD fan looking to get a headstart on the new game, you’ll need to download the Call of Duty HQ Hub.

    The Call of Duty HQ Hub officially launched on September 30 on both PC and Console. You’ll now see the main game set as “Call of Duty” and not the individual title you purchased, with each game being included as DLC.

    Currently, the Call of Duty client takes up around 75-80GB of storage, and the multiplayer add-on pack takes up another 20GB, meaning you actually have to download the beta if you don’t already have it. 120 GB of free storage will be required. Call of Duty title installed.

    So, you better make sure you clear Apex Legends and Fortnite by the end of this week, because the Modern Warfare 3 beta is here to destroy your console storage.


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