How to complete the Eye of the Storm quest in Starfield


    In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Eye of the Storm mission in the Starfield as part of the Crimson Fleet Coastline.

    The Eye of the Storm is a late Crimson Fleet mission that is the culmination of all previous quests and your search for the Legacy of the Cracks. You’ve fulfilled all the requirements, and now it’s finally time to head over to Legacy and see it for yourself.

    We’ll show you how to complete each step of the search. the game And what happens next, along with safely reaching the Legacy of the Cracks.

    How to find Legacy of the Cracks in Eye of the Storm

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    Before you can find the Legacy and complete Eye of the Storm in Starfield, you have to go back to the Key and Talk to Delgado.. Then you will need Install the Comspike module and the Conduction Grid module. on your plane.

    Talk to Jasmine and she can install this module for you for free. You have to go to the shipbuilder menu and place each module on your ship, but they don’t give you anything. After they are installed, head over to UC Vigilance to get notified about what’s going on.

    Now you have to fast travel to Banok IV, the giant gas company. You need these modules to get you through the gas giant to the legacy that is somewhere inside it.

    Put everything into your ship’s engines. And quickly make your way to board the Legacy before the storm destroys your ship – I was put off by how quickly the ship was damaged the first time.

    How to complete the Eye of the Storm quest in Starfield

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    Now that you’ve boarded the legacy, Follow the path And feel free to listen to any audio logs stuck around the ship along the way. Once you reach the waypoint you will need to grab the transfer module by the nearby corpse.

    Open the vault door and fight all the robots and turrets until you reach it. Vault Control Center. You can use digipicks to open certain doors to get to it faster, or run through the robots you see and gun them down.

    Once you reach the control room, pick it up. Audio log And Legendary Revenant weapon On the console (and any of the credits lying at Jasper Kryx’s feet) then press whatever button the game tells you to press and it will start transferring all the credits from Legacy’s vault.

    You are not done yet. The ship will begin to self-destruct. Second you transfer credits, so you have to get back to your ship as it explodes around you. You may have some lung damage from all the toxic gas so the injectors come in handy.

    Finally, your choice of jump destination when you return to your ship will determine your ultimate allegiance to the UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. Make your decision carefully. As you will be forced to fight on the other side in the final mission, Legacy’s End.

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