The fans of Pokemon mourn the end of the period when Ash and Pikachu move to green pastures


    After a successful career spanning 25 years of experience, one of the best Pokémon fans woke up today. We don’t talk about that same problem that one of the legendary characters was not talking about that in fact.

    As of January 20, 2023, Ash and Pikachu are taking their final Pokemon adventure, after being the main antagonists of the anime series since last aired in April 1997. Since then, the Ash and Pikachu have been to over eight regions, featured in dozens of heartwarming movies, and be part of Pokemon fans since childhood and beyond. It sounds real but it is so popular in many states that as with everyone else, the surprise announcement heartbroken it out.

    I’m not crying – yelling

    “SimplyBabby” Snyder (@GabbySnyder) December 16, 2022


    NoseHasEyes (@NoseWithEyes) December 16, 2022.

    They were on board as ash and Pikachu. Now I have the right choice to forget about the stunning journey that they took us on and show the future generations to keep it at heart, one user told Twitter following the news and even called it the end of an era. But not everyone likes Pokemon.

    It was realized that most of the past characters most likely won’t ever appear again including Team Rocket

    Chirijiraden (@Michael16080771) December 16, 2022

    An explosion of fan-favourites such as Team Rocket, Misty, Brock and more as well. While a man is able to meet as a man as far as it would be, the other person who met Ash on the way would never go back. It means that by the end of the series, this reboot in Paldea means 25 years of history and character development will be reduced to nothing due to this reboot.

    The group of people who feel it was time to move on to something fresh in the anime has grown a lot of emojis and heartbreaking messages about how much a movie could have been like to a fans and what was titled “It’s a thing that is very interesting” and to think that it is not all too soon.

    Others feel it’s a good point to leave the series too much. After many years of losing, Ash ended the most recent series in order to become the world champion and put on the biggest prize for anyone. When it was a big send-off for Ashs, there’s no better way to do that than to prove he was the best after 25 years.

    The two newcomers named Riko and Roy will be able to make the first of the world, in April 2023.


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