Atelier Sophie Two Nendoroids come with a non-so-mysterious book


    A Nendoroid from the Atelier Sophie 2 is coming out next year. Although she has a mysterious dream in that game, the figure still has a few books. It’ll be in Tokyo in June 2023. It’s expected to be in North America in the summer 2023. It’ll cost $8,900/61,99.

    As for Nendoroids, Sophie has multiple accessories and face plates. You can be seen with a smiling face, a winking face and a keen one with stars in her eyes. She can take her Starguide staff away from the game. She has a free book, too.

    Here is an official gallery of the Atelier Sophie 2 Nendoroid.

    This is one of two Atelier Sophie figures that Good Smile Company has in the works. The other one is a 1-7. She’s appearing in the Mysterious Book and has her appearance on the Alchemist. She holds a book, which is about to write with a quill.

    The Atelier Sophie 2 Nendoroid will be on sale in Japan in June 2023, while North America in August 2023. Pre-orders are open till January 26. The article Atelier Sophie 2: The Secret of the Dream comes to your Kindle.


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