The developer of Octopath Traveler 2 talked about the interaction between characters and the story line Crossing Paths


    Featuring Octopath Traveler II in February, one of the many games that Square Enix has planned for this year, the release is anticipated. This sequel builds on the incredible success of the original game on Switch and PC. But although the sequel is a sequel, the novel has eight new characters. We learnt about these eight characters slowly, but also how they would interact with each other.

    In the original game, when you played the characters in any order and assembled different characters to make a group of four members, they rarely interacted. The game seemed, in fact, completely unoccupied to gamers. The characters weren’t alone, and yet they were portrayal as lonely.

    The Crossing Paths story line will be fixed with Octopath Traveler II and a mix of characters and each other for side stories that showcase their relationship. Square Enix recounted this adventure in a story about Tron and Temenos. The Thief and the Priest go to Flamechurch and look for a treasure. As shown in the picture below, these two are quite awkward and will have to get to work together to find the treasure they were looking for.

    Tron and Temenos were last to receive films that tell their stories. Troyn is a member of a crime group, known for the success of the job. This makes Tron want a life out of the group. He must fight to get along with his mother and father.

    For Temenos, he is a part of the church and works as an inquisitor. But when a church is attacked, he should seek out a truth about what happened, wherever it leads him.

    Octopath Traveler 2 releases February 24, 2023 for the PlayStation 2, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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