Nic Cage shares his unique and fun ways


    It is not currently known whether the 1997 film Face/Off will be aired but, if it does, the star of Cage knows what is expected of that storyline feature.

    In a recent interview, Cage resented an idea of a sequel to this film which was floated around in an earlier post. According to Cage, it would focus on the children of John Travolta and Cages characters.

    I think Face/Off is a sequel that relates to many twists and turns and unpredictability, said Cage. If you take into account the idea that a child is born and Castor and Sean have children, then then it becomes so called three-dimensional chess. The two, John and I, then that four of us are ping-ponging and going at different levels, but it becomes even more complicated. I think there’s some fertile soil here. Usually, I had one meeting in my office, but now I have nothing to hear, so I know.

    Since his release in 1997, Face/Off was directed by the legend of John Woo. Those films portray Cage and John Travolta as terrorists and terrorists who are tasked with tracking him down. After the pair crashed into a plane, Travoltas character Sean Archer has surgery to remove his face and replace it with Cages Castor Troy. After his awakening, Troy then asked for the doctor to give archers his face on, and split it up into a chaotic squeaky battle.

    After its premiere, the movie won a lot at the box office and in front of an audience. Even though it was remastered with a heavy cult following, the movie has gained a strong following after its home release. Many of the films are seen as one of the best in John Woos. Face/Off was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound Effects Editing.


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