A New Game announcement of Naughty Dog is delayed by Studio to Prevent Crunch


    Tom X. Druckmann said that Naughty Dog is delaying the announcement of its next game, thus being able to protect from the breakup and increase the flexibility to the release schedule, learning from the past experience from the development of earlier titles.

    There are some gaming studio bosses who publicly denounce this practice in recent times. Having announced the popular news year in the past (The Last of Us 2 was announced over three years before release), Druckmann has decided to reveal no of the Naughty Dogs next project until closer to launch.

    Well, we announced this day, One of Us v 4. 4. i.e., Part 2 as well. But it was a little bit of a problem with our work and life balance, which we have a few times in the house. After having delayed the announcement a little, we could play more with the schedule, and then became more aware of how were we approaching production. So there is a multi-smoker project and another project that I’ll not say anything about that is more than that which were very excited for.

    While the formal announcement may be right away, we know that Naughty Dogs next game will be more like a television show than any of its other games. The studio recently shared a new idea for the multiplayer “The Last of Us,” and the HBO version of the original title is now going to premiere Sunday.

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