The colourful puzzle game Antivine is now available on Steam for PC



    USERJOY Games announced today that the Antivine puzzle game developed by Regeneration Studio has been officially released on Steam. Antivine was developed by a group of students from the South Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Their idea is to have a connection between people and create fun experiences. Antivine received numerous awards in Taiwan. In 2021, the team received sponsorship from USERJOY Games.

    In his story, people love nature, so the negativity between them continues to grow. Every day, strange symptoms appear in the body from a certain age. The branches and the vines are growing naturally. He is going back to nature by becoming a treeman. The strawberries will grow from the branches and will be given to the next generation. Sensu is a unique boy from the village. However, if he is next to his parents, there still no signs that are visible. When he became tired and went on his way looking for the truth. He walks past mumei who will overcome the fear of dying, will soon find the truth of what is happening.

    In this game the players can explore every island during a highly scrumptious adventure designed by people who like to learn the best of the best background music. The design team did much work on scene, with the change on the day and the night. Players need to study to know how to solve the puzzle because there is only one way to solve it. And with their game setting, players can learn all about the plot and become acquainted with the characters. Change your mind and follow the child of Senhsu, which is a magical adventure, and play begins to discover the truth about the tree.



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