QuantumScape Starts Delivering new solid state lithium batteries The first prototyping of the Automotive Traction batteries of the Future The first prototypes of the Future Traction batteries



    QuantumScape announced the start of the production of new A0-type lithium-based batteries. The company drew batteries in the form of bags, but they are made in prismatic form factor. The new hybrid is expected to provide a lot more battery capacity and should eventually equalize the driving range of electric and combustion vehicles.

    Activation battery. Image Source: QuantumScape.

    QuantumScape was founded about 12 years ago by scientists from Stanford University. For ten years (financially since the company went public at the end of 2020), it was financed only by two sources: one from Bill Gates and another from Volkswagen. Since the scale was scaled in QuantumScape, solid-state lithium-metall batteries have remained unsurpassed and were and still are the breakthrough technology. These batteries have increased capacity, withstand high currents that allow quick charging, and are less explosive than traditional lithium batteries.

    QuantumScape batteries have key features such as the prefabricated design, but also the non-combustible ceramic separator which carries the electrodes. Some of these did not allow the design of a cylindrical battery that was easy to use. Hence, the company took different paths. They assembled a ten-batterie from bags, widely used for the production of traction batteries. The company began sending these 24-layer prototypes to the automobile manufacturer to test them.

    The announcement of the new developments is expected to be announced in 2023. It’s only known now that the power of the prototypes is limited to several Ah. The prototype will take a few years to start mass production. The prototypes will then pass phases B and C.

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