The Cards Of Pokemon: Star Wars: Wares in the Treasure, Part 19: Espurr and Swirlix



    In November 2022, Pokemon TCG released the final main series set of the Sword & Shield era. The expansion, Sword & Shield Silver Tempest, came out on September 9th 2022. The twelfth set is under the Sword & Shield banner and is adapted to Japanese setsThe Anchor and Paradigm Trigger, with its Trainer Gallery subset Adapting cards fromVMAX Climax. The Sword & Shield Silver Tempestalso continues Radiant Pokemon, and the Trainer Gallery, which includes Rare Characters, Super Rares, Full Art Trainers and Black & Gold VMAXes created in the first set of the year. Follow me through the latest set as we understand the artwork, discuss the point of the card’s place in the set and theorize in which certain elements of the expansion are regarded as a possibility for the future of the Pokemon TCG. Today we’re having three more psychic-style titles from the legendary Sword andamp; Shield Silver Tempest.

    Stainless Steels! Credit: Pokemon TCG

    I like artists that used mixed media to create their cards, since they tend to make it hard for the crowd to avoid the competition in ways beyond the artist’s style. Today’s preview shows the use of crochet and photography from two artists on the Espurr card and the Swirlix card from Sword & Shield Silver Tempest. Both of these cards are created by Anako Ito who doesn’t just create the Pokemon, but also the environment, it is also used to making special crafts. Ito began to help this hobby during the Moon base set. His great cards are Drifloon, Moon Ultra, Chimecho, Moon & Long-Sword and Mothyria; and a rar fromCrown Zenith.

    ArtistTaira Akitsu uses a traditionally drawn style in the Meowstic card to show how far hand-drawn style can really convey the mood beautifully. This card shows why Akitsu’s clear and emotive style has been used so much on trainer and Pokemon cards since their debut in Sword & Shield. Akitsu is one of my five top illustrators today working for the TMG.

    Let’s go through this smuggler-themed set of Lugia and Alolan Vulpix as we continue to spotlight the Pokemon TCG cards and artwork – such as the sword & the swagger’s silver temper -. Next time, the focus has become high on this expansion.



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