Deeper and Deeper – Fighter Solo Play Tips (Playtest)



    Tips for playing the fighter class as a solo

    Classes and balance

    • Some classes are easier to solo with, but so far I’ve found a way to make every class soloable as a regular and high roller. Here are a few tips.

    the fighter

    • Victory Rush/Second Wind Perks Swift > Combo Attack > Defensive Expert > Projectile Resistance.


    • Use victory rush to heal from spiders/dragonflies.

    Second wind heals quickly if you’re missing 15% or more and going into pvp it’s good to pop.

    Don’t be too quick to let players come to you to fight choke points.


    • Anything with sword/board damage weapons works but spears are the safest it might take a cycle or 2 to find a spear at a vendor.


    • More HP Better gear options to start max.

    Cons of

    • + Plate can be hard to get with damage, slow movement so you have to engage in a bit more controlled manner.


    • Clear the entire room then break all the crates/barrels before looting this will save you as you’re taking out all the noise faster especially if you’re close to other spawns.

    Shiftwalk is the best way to engage even as a fighter you can sneak up on players if you have a good spear/halberd/longsword you can kill 1-2 people out of 3 guys with it. Before others react in the allotted time.


    • INVICE POT / SHIELD POT should be used during any engagement where you have time do not use them.

    Hard parts

    • Skelly archers I have started talking out loud when they pick up there bow if you just say boop duck they miss about 4/5 of their shots.

    3 Sweaty Men If you see them first, either stay back and wait for them to fight and backdoor or leave as quietly as possible.

    something to avoid

    • Unless you’re good at decent gear RO combat, avoid solo rages and attempting large rooms where you’re sure to get multiple mobs at once. Scully Captain is easy with the spear if you can fight the whole fight in a pillar and circle to the left this will block his wide swing and allow you to tap his shield until he dies. go

    If you stick to the small rooms and play the edge of the circle and sink a few times on your first blue port you will quickly start accumulating a ton of wealth even the white grays sell for 4-8g. .

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