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    You may have collected some great starting weapons that will help you progress from the beginning of the game to a certain point. However, you may be at a level where you are ready to find a more advanced weapon. There are plenty of powerful high-level weapons out there, and I found most of the best ones by defeating bosses or hidden in chests. Check out our pick of the best weapons and how to get them in the list below!

    List of best weapons in Lords of the Fallen

    Determining which are the best weapons in games is based primarily on the weapons’ overall stats, but also what works best for you. Depending on your build, you may be looking for a greatsword or perhaps you are more interested in casting magic. There are top-tier weapons of all kinds, and here are some you won’t want to miss:

    Pale Butcher’s Blade

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    The Pale Butcher’s Blade is a deadly-looking great sword of great size and length. Although it moves slower due to its size, it makes up for it in damage. Additionally, it adds Wither on top of that, devouring enemies’ health with each successful hit.

    How to get it: You can find the Pale Butcher Sword in the swamps of Forsaken Fen in the area with walkways and wooden huts, beyond the large bonfire. Inside one of the huts, you’ll see a corpse with an item next to it (fairly close to the Umbral Belly, where you’ll get the Pale Butcher’s Umbral Eye).


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    Bloodlust is a short sword dyed red with the blood of his enemies. While it may seem like it lacks attack power, it makes up for it with additional fire damage, burning and bleeding enemies with every hit. It also has another special feature that makes it worth collecting: allowing the wearer to restore health with each enemy killed.

    How to get it: This special sword can be found inside a chest on the battlefield where you fight the Crimson miniboss Rector Percival, just outside Fitzroy’s Gorge.

    The Sword of Mercy

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    We got to see Pieta’s Sword in action during the boss battle against her outside the Skyrest Bridge, and it’s obvious how powerful she can be. Even though this version is a short sword, it still has decent reach and swings faster than other great swords. The best feature of this sword is its strong Holy power, particularly useful against the unholy abominations of this dark world.

    How to get it: You can buy this weapon from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge after offering him Pieta’s Remembrance. It will cost you 40 Threshold Scrub.

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    Saint Latimer’s Relic Spear

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    The Relic Spear of Saint Latimer is a sinister-looking weapon, suited to the enemy it is aimed at. This is my weapon of choice at the moment, with long range and Wither added on top of decent attack power. Although it is not the fastest weapon, when upgraded it is a force to be reckoned with in terms of damage.

    How to get it: This weapon is purchased from Molhu in Skyrest Bridge. You will need to offer the Congregator of Flesh’s Remembrance and use 20 Umbral Scouring.

    Halberd of the Silent Saint

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    The Halberd of the Silent Saint is a polearm with the reach of a spear and the blade of an axe. It is a great choice for heavy builds as it focuses more on overall damage output and brute strength. However, it is also capable of poisoning enemies with successful hits.

    How to get it: The Silent Saint’s Halberd is purchased from Molhu at the Skyrest Bridge after offering the Silent Saint’s Remembrance. It can be purchased for 20 Umbral Scouring.

    Abbess’ Chalice

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    The Abbess’s Chalice may not be a sword or a bow, but it is still one of the best weapons you can wield if you have a talent for spells. This Radiant Catalyst has one of the best spell power stats and allows up to 5 spell slots, leaving plenty of spellcasting options.

    How to get it: An Abbess Chalice can be collected from Abbess enemies in the Hallowed Sisters Abbey or Empyrean locations.

    blacksmith pride

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    Blacksmith’s Pride is a flail weapon, slightly different from the usual looking flail and much more deadly. This weapon doesn’t weigh much, allowing for decent swing speed, and adds Wither and Physical to deal considerable damage. It can also cause frost to enemies.

    How to get it: Once you reach the Forgotten Guardian Vestige, after the Skinstealer boss fight, enter the double doors into Upper Calrath. You’ll need to transition into Umbral to spot a Umbral Belly, which you’ll use as a Soulflay to get the Blacksmith’s Pride.

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    Iron Walker’s Hammer

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    The Iron Walker’s Hammer is by far one of the most well stated weapons I’ve seen, adding a bit of every possible damage type there is. It would definitely work best for heavily built characters, as it weighs a whopping 35.2 and will require quite a bit of strength, but will pack a punch.

    How to get it: This great hammer is dropped by The Iron Wayfarer boss in Upper Calrath, outside Bramis Castle.

    final whisper

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    Final Whisper is a fist weapon that requires close combat. Although it doesn’t have much range, this weapon is all about speed and delivers quick, precise hits that inflict wither and poison effects on enemies, perfect for an Assassin build.

    How to get it: In the courtyard area of ​​The Hallowed Brothers Leprosarium, use the Abbot’s Key to open the wooden door. Then, head to the right, using your Threshold Lantern to go through the opening, where you will find the item.

    Multishot crossbow

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    The multi-shot crossbow is another awesome weapon that you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re looking to do a ranged build. This crossbow fires three bolts simultaneously, adding a bit of each type of damage. It’s a great option for controlling crowds and taking out those pesky ranged enemies that may be hitting you from the other side of the map.

    How to get it: This multi-shot crossbow is found in the Holy Sister Abbey location from a chest. From the patio, follow the path to the left and climb the stairs to the top. Use your Umbral Lamp to go through the door and continue to the left. You will pass a fountain of blood on the right and climb another staircase, where you will be greeted by an abbess. In this area, you will also find the chest containing the crossbow.

    These are just a few of what we think are some of the best weapons you can find in Lords of the Fallen, but there may be others hidden out there. Be sure to pick up Boss Memories to turn in at some crazy loot shops, and keep your eyes peeled for Umbral chests and bellies, which contain some of the best items.

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