How to cancel BG3 Concentration


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    Baldur’s Gate 3 features a large list of spells that can be cast in and out of combat. Some spells require Concentration, which is a status effect that limits the spellcaster to only one active Concentration Spell at a time. The spellcaster can also lose Concentration when taking damage and failing a Constitution save. However, there may be times when you want to cancel the Gathering. I enjoy using many of the Concentration spells, but it can be tricky to keep track of Concentration and cancel it when necessary. This is how you can cancel the Concentration in BG3.

    How to cancel focus on mouse and keyboard in BG3

    To cancel concentration on the mouse and keyboard, look for the concentration spell icon located at the bottom left of the screen near your character portrait and click the X on the spell icon.. Selecting this will end concentration on the spell. You can also cancel Concentration by casting another spell that requires Concentration, but then you will concentrate on that spell.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

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    During combat, you can only end Concentration on a spell if it is your or your allies’ turn. Outside of combat, you can cancel Concentration at any time.

    How to cancel concentration on controllers in BG3

    To end spell concentration on a controller, open the Spells menu by pressing R1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox), then end concentration by holding Triangle (Playstation) or Y (Xbox).

    Ending Concentration can be useful for canceling area-of-effect spells that can harm your allies, casting a spell at the wrong target, or any other reason to discard a Concentration spell you cast.

    Keeping track of which Concentration spells have been cast and knowing when to cancel them can be very beneficial during combat. It’s also a good idea to know how many Concentration spells you have prepared when you level up or at any time if you’re playing a class that can prepare spells at will.

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