The Best Warframe Add-on Mods and How to Get Them


    With the Abyss of Dagath update, Companions got a big boost in overall survivability. After all, until now, they would die if they practically sneezed. I can personally confirm that Companions are much stronger now with the new changes, so they now have a real purpose in the game. Still, even with the perks, you should use the right add-on mods to make them as useful as possible. So, here are the best add-on mods you can get in Warframe.

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    Strongest add-on mods in Warframe

    One thing to keep in mind is that the companions are No for inflicting damage. There are damage mods that exist and can be used on Companions. However, in almost all cases, you will do all the damage yourself because your weapons are much stronger. This means that your Companion is there to serve you as a pure utility. Therefore, the best mods for your companion focus on survivability and utility.

    Prepared animal instinct

    Primed Animal Instinct is a utility-focused mod that gives you a loot hunter and enemy at the same time. Playing Warframe is all about the grind, so making sure you can see the loot dropping and the enemies you’re facing at all times is imperative to efficient farming.

    This mod can only be obtained by purchasing it for 200,000 credits and 300 ducats of Baro Ki’Teer. Note that Baro Kit’Teer appears two weeks To anybody Relay and its stock changes with each appearance. This means that it could take several cycles before this mod appears in your store.


    Vacuum/Fetch is one of the oldest Warframe mods, but it is still one of the most used. As its name suggests, it allows your Companion to absorb any item you come near, without needing to loot it yourself. The distance of this effect depends on the level of the mod your Companion is using, but in general, you’ll want to max it out for maximum efficiency. The emptiness is for Robot Companionswhile Fetch is for Companion Beasts.

    The vacuum is obtained by making any Sentinel Partner and claim it at your Foundry. Fetch is a possible drop for any Kubrow enemy in the game. Also drops from various creatures in Deimos, that is why I recommend that you cultivate the wild lands of Deimos. Faster.


    Dig is a utility mod for Sahasa Kubrows that allows them to discover hidden items on any battlefield you are on. Dig can reveal random ammo types, health orbs, energy orbs, and even mods, making it an essential mod for, well, farming more mods. Please note that this mod is Only usable on Sahasa Kurbros.

    This mod drops from any Kubrow enemy in the game, including the Feral Kubrows you can find in Land.

    Sharp claws

    Sharpened Claws is a mod that deals damage to Kavats and allows them to eliminate armor from any enemy hit while equipped. This mod is extremely strong for high levels of play in Warframe, as enemies tend to gain absurd amounts of armor which makes them very difficult to kill by normal means. This allows you to build up to deal more damage instead of removing armor.

    The mod is a drop of Hyekka or Kuva Hyekka. I recommend only growing Kuva Hyekka of Kuva Grineer at any Survival node located within the Kuva Fortress.

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    Strengthened link

    Strengthened Bond is a utility mod introduced with the Abyss of Dagath update. It’s an incredibly powerful mod that gives you a massive rate of fire boost if your partner goes above 1200 max shield or overshield. Additionally, recharging restores your companion’s protective shield. If you can meet the strict requirements of the mod, then it is invaluable to have. I recommend running a Warframe like Hilda or Mag that can grant significant shielding if you can’t meet the requirements through normal means.

    This mod can be purchased at The business in fortune in Venus.

    tandem link

    Tandem Bond is a beast companion utility mod that was also introduced with the Abyss of Dagath update. Complementary hits will increase your combo counter by six. Additionally, when you make strong attacks with your melee weapon, you increase your partner’s damage for 30 seconds. This mod may not seem powerful to those who are not aware of how lethal melee damage is in Warframe, but let me assure you that it is worth using. As your combo counter increases, you deal more damage with melee attacks. Having an outside source also driving you is a blessing.

    This mod can be purchased at Master Teasonai in Cetus in Land.

    Vicious link

    The last Bond mod on this list, Vicious Bond, is a utility mod that causes your Companion to strip armor from targets he hits with melee attacks. This armor strip is only 15%, making it worse than Sharpened Claws on paper. However, its secondary effect allows this armor strip effect to affect all enemies within a thirty-foot radius if the target in question was recently hit by a Warframe ability. It’s this AOE (Area of ​​Effect) mechanic that makes this mod incredibly strong, especially in high-level content.

    This mod can be purchased at Son in Necralisk in Deimos.

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