Spiderman 2 Fidelity vs Performance Mode


    Spider-Man 2 offers players polished graphical features that enhance the already perfect look of the previous games to another level. The game looks wonderful and I immediately wondered what the differences are between Fidelity Mode and Performance Mode. Let’s find out.

    Differences between fidelity and performance mode in Spiderman 2

    The graphic mode of the game Spiderman 2 brings several differences between both configurations, and they are the following:

    Performance mode Aim for 60 frames per second.
    Includes all ray tracing functions, although simplified in certain situations.
    Pedestrian and traffic density may decrease in some areas.
    The details of fine hair are simplified.
    Fidelity mode Aim for 30 frames per second.
    It offers the highest possible image quality and resolution.
    All ray tracing features are enabled, including objects like water, reflections, and window interiors.
    All graphics systems are at maximum at all times, including pedestrian and traffic density.
    Fine hair detail is maximum at all times.

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    While I usually always prefer Performance mode in games, I’m happy to say that Spider-Man 2’s Fidelity mode actually delivers stable frame rates with no noticeable stutters, even when I’m in crowded areas. The performance difference was negligible even when I was fighting Sandman, one of the easiest villains in the game. Here is a comparison sample between the two game modes.

    How to switch between Fidelity and Performance modes in Spider-Man 2

    Switching between Fidelity and Performance modes in Spider-Man 2 is easy; just follow the steps below:

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • press the Options button in your controller.
    • Select Settings.
    • Select the Visual option.
    • In chart selection, switch between Fidelity and Performance modes.
      • Wear left and right directional pad commands to adjust.

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