How to claim Deluxe Edition costumes in Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man has the best suits, and Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 doubles down on the awesomeness with Peter Parker and Miles Morales. My favorites are the Deluxe Edition costumes, but you’ll have to claim them to equip them; Here’s how to get the Deluxe Edition suits in Spider-Man 2.

    How to get the Deluxe Edition suits in Spider-Man 2

    To unlock and equip the Deluxe Edition suits in Spiderman 2, you must Complete the tutorial and opening where you confront Sandman and clean up the mess he made. After completing this, you gain more freedom, but you must complete a few more missions before you can equip your Deluxe Edition suits. These are the tasks you must complete to unlock the Outfits tab.

    • Defeat the sandman.
    • Use the Ganke launchers.
    • Defeat criminal activity.
    • Pick up your spare suit.

    He Deluxe Edition costumes will be there automatically; You may have noticed that they unlock during the fight with Sandman when pop-ups appear at the top of the screen. Simply open the Outfits tab and scroll to the bottom to find your Deluxe Edition outfits and wear them at any time.

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    All Deluxe Edition suits in Spider-Man 2

    Deluxe Costumes are automatically unlocked once you progress far enough into the main story. You unlock the Suits tab once you pick up Peter’s spare suit. Deluxe Edition costumes do not have to be elaborate like other costumes. Here are all the Deluxe Edition costumes for Peter and Miles.

    • Peter Parker Costumes Deluxe Edition
      • tactical suit
      • Aurantia Suit
      • 25th century costume
      • stone monkey costume
      • Apunkaliptic suit
    • Miles Morales Deluxe Edition Outfits
      • Agimat suit
      • Red Specter Suit
      • Coded suit
      • biomechanical suit
      • Tokusatsu suit

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