How to find all three pieces of the cereal treasure map in Another Crab’s Treasure


    One of the missions you must complete to recover the Krill shell is the treasure hunt. Here’s how to find all three pieces of the cereal treasure map in Another Crab’s Treasure.

    How to complete the treasure map in Another Crab’s Treasure

    To complete the map, you must find three missing pieces. You get each piece for defeat three bosses. When you talk to Konche, he’ll point you to the Grove, and that’s your only clue as to where to go. You will get more clues as you recover each map.

    Where to find the first treasure map piece in Another Crab’s Treasure (location)

    To get to Expired Grove, you must first go through the sands between. You will receive a warning that there is something in the area that wants to eat you and you will have to reach the life-saving floats embedded in the sand to protect yourself. that’s actually it Pagurus, a big boss who will chase you through the arena. He is also the one who has the first piece of the map.

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    This crab is quite difficult to defeat and you may want to reach a higher level before facing it. Instead, you can do what I did and run through the sand to explore the Grove for more crystals and Microplastics for improvements.

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    However, if you are braver than me, you can defeat him and take the map. A good shell for this career is the hidden shell, which provides constant healing while you deal damage. Keep dodging towards it and beware of the red signal attack. The Voracious has a Instant death where it eats you When you get the map, return to the Upper Crust of New Carcinia to get the next clue.

    Where to find the second treasure map piece in Another Crab’s Treasure (location)

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    When you first arrive in Flotsam Vale, you will have to fight Inkerton. Don’t worry, just reduce his health by half before he runs away. Once it does, you can continue moving forward. Go through Company city area until you unlock the Upper Swamp.

    Now, instead of going further into the swamp, turn around and go in the opposite direction. This path will take you to expired grove and Curdled Town (first picture). Going through Curdled Village is difficult as there are many enemies around and a crab that shoots at you from above (second image).

    The best strategy here is run and dodge until you pass the sniper. If you have to fight, fight, but try to keep moving. Once you pass the sniper and a large crab with a hammer, open the door. town gates (third image) and you will see Heikeathe boss with the second map piece.

    If you haven’t killed the crab sniper, make sure you don’t get into his line of sight, as he can still kill you through the doors. For Heikea, the goal is keep distance when you use your scare skill, which makes you hide in your shell. There is a lot of Cascadia Rolls out there, so be sure to use them to heal yourself.

    Where to find the third piece of the treasure map in Another Crab’s Treasure (location)

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    From the Village Gates, go to New Carcinia to get the next clue and then teleport back to the Upper Swamp. Your goal is to reach the mailbox at the top. Make your way through the dirt and try not to pay attention to the enemies. The game itself tells you that you don’t have to fight all the enemies. Preserve your health until you reach the boss fight.

    You go to the air impulse. Double tap the jump button and you’ll find yourself entering a cave system. He Ceviche Sisters They are at the end with the third and final piece of the treasure map in Another Crab’s Treasure. Since there are two of them and they are both ranged enemies, it can be difficult. However, the best tactic is to focus on one to kill it while dodging the other’s attacks.

    Once you have the last piece, return to the Upper Crust in New Carcinia to complete the map and find where the Treasure is hidden. Nothing can go wrong, right? Aside from Roland swooping in and stealing the map, leading you on a wild boat chase, that is.

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