The best NPCs to hire in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2


    While Fortnite Battle Royale is a competitive game on the surface where real players battle each other, it can also become a battleground for NPCs. From explorers to medical specialists, there are some characters on the island who can help you in Chapter 5, Season 2; Below I have detailed the best ones.

    Who are the best specialists (NPCs) to hire in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2?

    Myths & Mortals brought many new characters to the island. So far, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 players have enjoyed meeting characters like Zeus, Aphrodite, and others from Greek myths. However, there have also been some familiar faces in the squad.

    NPCs that can be hired as teammates specialize in one thing or another. For example, medical specialists help you heal, while heavy specialists help you be aggressive in battle. These are the ones you should hire when you play a game in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

    Artemis, the scout specialist

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    Artemis is easily the best NPC to hire in luxurious lair in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. As a scouting specialist, she makes sure your surroundings feel safe from opponents who want to scare you. Periodically, she scan the map to reveal anyone who may be hiding behind corners.

    A good trick is to point to a location (even if it’s up to 150 meters away) and hold down the ping button. So simply order him to move in that direction. This way, Artemis will let you know if someone is nearby. He’s even useful with long-range attacks, so don’t be surprised if he steals your prey from time to time.

    Aphrodite, the medical specialist

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    The tales of Aphrodite have taught us how it affects the heart. In Fortnite, she shares a similar story in which she will help you in battle. She is a Medical Specialist in Beautiful hostelwhich means she occasionally gives you small bursts of healing and throws bandages or first aid kits at you.

    The best way to take advantage of their help is to make sure you’re not using up all of your inventory slots. Instead, just keep a shield slot open (small shields do the job) and rely on Aphrodite to keep you healed. This way, you can use the rest of your equipment for more important items, such as the mythical waterbending.

    Poseidon, the heavy specialist

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    Think of a heavyweight stuntman as that “muscle buddy” you have who will literally take a bullet for you. At Reckless Railways, you can find Poseidon relaxing. Once you hire him, he becomes an ally who grenades your enemies and take damage (while protecting you) at any time.

    The best way to use Poseidon’s help in battle is to make sure you follow an attack strategy that is neither cunning nor overly calculating. Aggressive gameplay is what will get you 1v1 wins here, and Poseidon adds to the chaos of it all.

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