The best graphics settings to increase FPS in Ghost of Tsushima


    Ghost of Tsushima is acclaimed for its stunning visuals, but this makes it quite demanding on the hardware and as such, you may not be able to run it at a high frame rate, especially on low-end PCs. This guide will tell you the best graphics settings to get the most out of Ghost of Tsushima’s FPS.

    Best Ghost of Tsushima Graphics Settings

    The ghost of Tsushima is highly optimized out of the box, so it works fine on mid-range PC at 1080p, but there are issues when you play on a low-end PC or want to run it at a higher resolution. In those cases, you need to go to Graphics Settings from the main menu and configure them as follows to achieve higher frame rates.

    Setting Worth
    Preset Habit
    Motion blur strength 0
    Field of view 10
    texture quality Medium (set it to higher if you have one VRam left)
    Texture filtering trilinear
    Shadow quality Low
    Level of detail Low
    Detail of the land Low
    Volumetric fog Low
    depth of field Off
    Screen Space Reflections Disabled (Enable it if you don’t mind losing some FPS)
    Screen space shadows Off
    Ambient occlusion Off
    Bloom Off
    Bullet point Off
    water caustics Off

    In addition to the Graphics settings, go to the Screen settings menu from the main menu and change the following settings.

    Setting Worth
    aspect ratio Car
    Update frequency Set it close to the amount of average FPS you are getting.
    virtual synchronization Off
    Glow Up to you
    Contrast Up to you
    HDR Up to you
    HDR Maximum Luminance Up to you
    White HDR Paper Up to you
    Exclusive method DLSS (Or AMD FSR if you’re not using an RTX card)
    Exclusive quality nothing
    Dynamic resolution scaling 60
    Antialiasing nothing
    NVIDIA Low Latency Reflex In
    Frame generation AMD FSR 3 frame generation

    Results for the best Ghost of Tsushima graphics settings

    Before applying the settings, I moved 60 to 70 FPS in Ultra Present with RTX 3060, I5-11400f and PNY XLR8 3600 mhz clocked at 2133 mhz. After applying the above settings I got a big boost to around 140 to 150 FPS averageas seen in the before and after images.

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