How to lower the key from the chandelier in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes


    From the first moment you walk into Hotel Letztes Jahr in Lorelei and Laser Eyes, you can walk into the lounge and see a key hanging from a chandelier. If you are going crazy trying to download it, this article is for you.

    How to get the W key in Lorelei and the laser eyes

    To grab the W Key from the chandelier in Lorelei and the laser eyes, you’ll need to lower the chandelier so you can reach it. You will need a crank and will need to access the winch on the east side of the chandelier.

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    Let’s grab the crank first. It can be found in the courtyard. Once you open the back patio, walk off the porch and onto the lawn, then turn right. Before the corpse, turn right again and walk to the back corner. The crank will be on the ground near where the letter blocks fell from the nursery window.

    Now that we have the crank, we need to find our way to the hallway where the winch is. To get there, you’ll need to unlock the bookshelf door next to the diamond door. From the elevator, head west. There will be a computer, a diamond door, and a bookshelf.

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    On the left side of the bookshelf is an upside-down wall lamp. Approach it and a question mark will appear on the screen. Interact with it to turn the light up and one side of the shelf will open so you can walk through it. Go through the door and then up another screen. This will locate it where the winch is.

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    Once the winch finishes lowering the chandelier, it will be low enough to reach the key if you are standing in the foyer. Pick it up and you can use it to unlock the W door to the west of this hallway.

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