Apex Legends Gun Run Guide (Season 21)


    With the return of Gun Run in Apex Legends Season 21 (Upheaval), players now have the opportunity to participate in a match where looting and planning a loadout simply isn’t part of the rules. With constant respawns and fast-paced gameplay, here are the best tips for Gun Run this season.

    Gun Run is the best way to practice in Apex Legends

    Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for a while, Firing Range may have been your comfort zone for practicing with different weapons. However, think of Gun Run as the ideal mode in which you can try different weapons in unique situations to really test your wits and skills.

    However, despite the randomness of Gun Run, there are certain things you can keep in mind that will make the entire match engaging rather than daunting.

    The third part is the key to victory!

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    In Apex Legends’ default Battle Royale mode, you have to be careful where you go and how you communicate with your teammates. In the case of Gun Run, you must be fast at all times! This means moving, sliding, running, and constantly moving from one place to another It’s the key.

    While doing this, you will continue to encounter players who are busy fighting each other. That is your cue to engage in battle. With new map additions to the mode (such as Center), players have new things to learn about the largest World’s Edge map. However, your focus will mainly be on the enemies you will face. With this in mind, stay focused on fights you can break up and kills you can poach and claim as your own.

    Prepare for the next weapon

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    The only way to know what you’ll use next is to take a look at the bottom right of the screen. This is where you will see what weapon will approach you once you kill him with your current weapon. For example, Nemesis appears right after R-301 in the screenshot above.

    As the game progresses, the weapons become more difficult to use. For example, snipers and sniper rifles are largely towards the end of the game, and you’ll have to change your playstyle a bit. keeping your distance of enemies while planning to kill with a scope. Either that or don’t go for a scope if you’re totally MLG pro.

    Use the best Legends

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    Of all the Legends available in the game right now, Alter It has been the latest addition. She is quite aggressive and thanks to her void abilities, she can attack others with ease. Likewise, legends like Octane, Pioneer, and Valkryie can provide much-needed mobility.

    If you’re looking to be more cautious, choose Legends like Hound and Seer which can provide much needed scanning capabilities. They will let you know where you should direct your attention and which enemies to attack first.

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