The Best Eikons to Use in Final Fantasy 16, Ranked


    Leveling up and equipping the most powerful weapons possible won’t get you very far in Final Fantasy XVI. No, what you need are mastered skills and the right combos. But since there are only three Eikon slots and six skill slots, you might be wondering which ones you should take with you. Here are all the Eikons in FF16, ranked.

    All Eikons in FF16 Ranked from Worst to Best

    Note: Just because it’s at the bottom level doesn’t mean it’s useless. In fact, I found each Eikon great in its own way. It just so happens that others are more useful!

    9. Ramuh

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    Ramuh is one of two well-balanced Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 (the other being Bahamut). His attacks deal HP and will deal almost the same damage. But what makes it the bottom tier for me is that you want Eikons that specialize in raw damage or gauge exhaustion. This will allow you to control which Eikons to use when your opponent is up and moving and which ones to use when he is down.

    Ramuh has the most player-friendly AoE attacks, with less time to think about. He is ideal for people who are not very battle-intensive in their game.

    8. Bahamut

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    Bahamut is the Eikon that should be used by players who want to stay away from the enemy. All of his abilities are long range. Instead of having all of these abilities balanced in terms of stats like Ramuh, Bahamut has moves that are either high power or high damage. This is why I call it well balanced.

    Still, as I said above, I’m not a big fan of the “well-balanced” Eikons, so I’d have to put Bahamut in the bottom half. However, take Gigaflare as an ability. It is a long and powerful blow when the enemy’s will has been exhausted. I also like Satellite, which helps deplete meters faster.

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    7. Garuda

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    For me, Garuda is only good for two things: Aerial Blast and Death Embrace. I like to combine the two during continuous battles against mobs (using Deadly Embrace to attract things to the Tornado). Tornado and Deadly Embrace can also be used during boss battles thanks to their respective abilities.

    Like the wind Eikon, Garuda is also the master of aerial combos. Those comfortable with action RPGs and combo links will find plenty of use for Garuda. However, for more casual gamers like me? Shiva seems like the best option to me.


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    Shiva’s kit is a combination of other Eikons: Ifrit/Phoenix (movement), Garuda (hug), and Ramuh (AoE). It’s a good Eikon to equip if you don’t specialize in any of the mentioned. I put Shiva higher on this list solely because of one move: Diamond Dust.

    Diamond Dust drains a good portion of your enemies’ will gauges, hits twice, and charges quickly. In fact, it’s so powerful that it cuts notorious marks and mid-bosses by at least half (75% if you’re stronger). If you’re not using Shiva, at least carry this move with you. You will not regret.

    5. Phoenix

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    I’ve talked about how I’m not a big fan of well-balanced stuff, but Phoenix’s Flame of Rebirth simply procs for so long that the three-star damage it deals is worth it. You can even use it in big mob battles and restore HP when you’re in a pinch.

    Aside from that, we all know how useful and versatile Phoenix Shift is. Not only can you use it to get closer, but I also find it to be a more reliable dodge button when you’re far from your target.

    4. Leviathan

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    If you purchased The Rising Tide DLC, you will have access to one of the best Eikons in the game: Leviathan. Leviathan’s unique ability turns Clive’s arm into a weapon, which also changes his basic movements. The square will shoot water balls and the triangle will launch devastating long-range explosions throughout the area. The only downside is reloading, but it’s a very small price to pay to quickly eliminate those nasty Tonberries from a distance.

    Leviathan also houses one of my favorite abilities, Tsunami, which is a Gigaflare where someone deals double damage. It’s slow to load but cathartic to use.

    3. Titan

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    Titanic Block is a blessing. It’s very player friendly, for example. While you are being hit from the front, simply holding the button will block the attack. It is also very good for action players due to its counterattack mechanics. Instead of dodging attacks, a Precision Block will reward you considerably in counterattacks. Since this is a move native to Titan, it moves up our list.

    I’m more of a fast combo player. But even I have to admit that Titan’s abilities, even though he’s not my preferred way to play, are pretty good. They deal high damage without the long charge time. You just need to be precise with your times!

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    2. Ifrit

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    I know Ifrit only has two abilities, not including the limit gauge, but both have become too integrated into my game for me to not place this Eikon near the top. First of all, if you haven’t equipped and upgraded Will-o’-the-Wykes, you’re missing out on one of Final Fantasy 16’s best abilities.

    Will-o’-the-Wykes is a shield that can reduce the damage of enemy attacks. Updated, it can nullify up to four attacks, allowing you to hack and attack with less worry. You can even save it for a big attack that you can’t dodge because it will negate that too.

    It also deals extra damage with decent stagger utility when you get close enough to your target. Plus, it charges very quickly, so you can have it active for 80% of your fights.

    Meanwhile, Ignition is fun if you don’t have Shiva equipped, as I use it more for movement than anything else. You can also use it to push back any enemy (even Marks and mid-bosses) and mess up their combo.

    1. Odin

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    I’ve intimidated many enemies with Odin’s sword combos, and you could too. Never mind Odin’s equippable abilities (although they ARE very good): the real strength behind this Eikon is Arm of Darkness and Zantetsuken. Arm of Darkness swaps Clive’s sword for Odin’s sword. While it is not as powerful as his normal sword, it makes more attacks, resulting in more damage.

    For example, when you parry, add a lethal counter. And when you perform a precision dodge with your sword in hand, an equally deadly follow-up attack will automatically trigger. Both will instantly fill one bar of the Zantetsuken gauge.

    Zantetsuken is the deadliest move of all.

    At level five (mastered), it can drain 25% to 40% of a Notorious Mark’s HP. And if you repeat the combos with dodges and precision parries, your opponent will barely have enough window to launch an attack. Odin is the best Eikon of all, truly worthy of a king.

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