Eikon Best Skills Tier List: Final Fantasy 16


    Eikons is a new name that replaces summons in Final Fantasy XVI. They are mythological creatures with immense power, granting specific individuals only a fragment of it, allowing them to use their abilities. If you’re just starting out with the game, I’m sure you can’t wait to discover Eikon’s best abilities and how they rank against each other. If so, this guide is for you!

    Eikon Skill Tier List in Final Fantasy XVI

    Level Eikon Ability
    Yes Flames of Rebirth, Rising Flames, Upheaval, Titanic Lockdown, Momentum, Cold Snap, Rift Slide, Snake Scream, Tsunami
    TO Phoenix Shift, Death Embrace, Pile Drive, Lightning Rod, Rope, Furious Fists, Gigaflare
    b Scarlet Cyclone, Gouge, Aerial Blast, Will-o’-the-Wykes, Ground Fury, Wings of Light, Flare Breath, Dancing Steel, Cross Wave, Deluge
    c Heat Wave, Evil Wheel, Tower Gambit, Ignition, Ray of Judgment, Frost, Diamond Dust, Arm of Darkness, Sky Cloud, Nether Tear
    d Blind Justice, Storm, Satellite, Ice Age, Mesmerize, Gungnir

    All of Eikon’s abilities in FF16, ranked

    We rank all of Eikon’s abilities in FFXVI based on their overall usefulness in combat and how well they combine with others. For example, Rising Flames is the first skill you unlock and I found it very useful throughout the game, fitting well into the best possible skill build for Clive.

    Best S-Tier Eikon Skills

    Rising flames

    This is the first skill you learn, but it remains viable until the end of the campaign. It works by swiping up groups of enemies, setting them up for an aerial combo.

    titanic block

    Titanic Block is an Eikonic ability unique to FFXVI specifically because, as the name implies, it gives you the ability to block enemy attacks. It’s the only skill in the game that can do this, making it perfect for difficult boss encounters where your HP can be vaporized quickly.


    While only available when you purchase The Rising Tide DLC, Tsunami is the best “laser” type ability in the game. While its charge is slow, it easily outperforms Gigaflare in terms of damage and area of ​​effect.

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    Best A-Level Eikon Skills


    This is one of the most damaging abilities in the game, allowing you to hit your opponents with a titanic arm. It’s a loaded skill and requires you to be careful with your timing, but once you master it, you’ll quickly learn to love it.

    Pile driving

    Pile Drive offers great AoE damage, as well as a useful stun effect, staggering enemies caught in a shockwave. It’s fast and fairly easy to use; The reason it’s not in the S tier is that it only triggers once, making it less than ideal for staggered multipliers.

    Phoenix Change

    Phoenix Shift is a special ability that allows Clive to instantly move alongside the enemy. Not only is this great for performing combos and continuous attacks, but it can also serve as an alternative way to dodge if it’s too late to run and the enemy is far from the blast zone.

    Best Tier B Eikon Skills

    Scarlet Cyclone

    This ability deals good staggered damage in an area around Clive by summoning two Phoenix wings. He has a decent CC effect, but is easily outclassed by superior abilities in both the damage and stagger departments.

    wings of light

    This skill differs from many others in the way it is used. Clive soars through the skies with wings, while developing his Megaflare attack and dodging enemy attacks all the time. If you are hit by the enemy, the flare counter resets, making this ability not much more than a one-trick pony.

    Best C-Tier Eikon Skills

    arm of darkness

    This ability replaces your sword with Odin’s sword, filling the Zantetsuken gauge every time you hit enemies. You can release Zantetsuken by holding the Square button, dealing damage proportional to the gauge level.

    While it may look good on paper, the skill itself doesn’t do much damage, especially from a long-term DPS standpoint, as Odin’s Sword takes a while to charge the skill and deals very little damage to enemies. enemies.

    The cloud in the sky

    This ability synergizes well with the Arm of Darkness, as it can also be used to fill the Zantetsuken gauge. It’s a lightning-fast ability that can even be used defensively in some ways, as Clive quickly attacks an enemy while he uses it, but it deals very little damage.

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    Best Tier D Eikon Skills


    This ability summons two lightning orbs that hover over Clive, dealing damage every time you use a magic attack. The main drawback is the long opening animation and the limiting factor of having to constantly use magic attacks.


    Gungnir summons Odin’s famous spear, which Clive uses to charge the Zantetsuken meter by landing successful hits on enemies. The spear fills Zantetsuken fast enough but deals very little damage on its own.

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