Fallout viewers are desperate for more Vault investigations from this dynamic duo.


    While Amazon Prime’s Fallout series primarily focuses on the adventures of Vault 33’s Lucy MacLean, The Ghoul, and Brotherhood of Steel’s Maximus, a dynamic Vault 33 detective duo has stolen the hearts of viewers around the world. .

    During some of the last episodes of the series, Norm MacLean and his cousin Chet decide to try to find out exactly what happened to the inhabitants of Vault 32. The three-way agreement between Vault 31, 32 and 33 seems a little suspicious, especially since someone who resided in Vault 32 always ends up as Supervisor of Vault 33.

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    After the Raiders’ capture, Norm and Chet sneak into Vault 32 only to discover that all the inhabitants have been dead for at least two years. This implies that Vault 32 fell long before the Raiders’ attack, due to an as-yet-unknown calamity. Among the chaos and dead bodies, Norm and Chet discovered the message “We know the truth” written on the wall in blood. Seeing that, Norm and Chet decided to investigate what In fact It happened in Vault 32 and what role Vault-Tec had to play in it.

    Fans in the subreddit They’ve been discussing how much they enjoyed the subplot of Prime’s Fallout series involving Norm and Chet. Reddit user u/Dintodo says: “Before starting the show I thought Norm would be ‘just Lucy’s brother’ and Chet would be a one-note comedy scene. But they surprised me and made them both very important and likable characters with a super fun dynamic. “I love how this resulted in an ensemble feel instead of being all about Cooper or Lucy.”

    By exploring the broader world of Fallout beyond the main story of the three main characters through Norm and Chet, there is still much more to discover in future series. u/_acrazycatlady_ echoes the sentiment of many other fans in hoping that we will regularly see Norman appear in the now confirmed season 2. Ideally with more investigative shenanigans to accompany the next chapter of the main story.

    It is still unclear what exactly happened in Vault 32 that resulted in infighting, cannabilism, mass suicides, and the overall downfall. Still, some fan theories speculate that the inhabitants of Vault 32 rebelled after the crops failed, resulting in everyone turning against each other. Viewers are practically left hanging at the end of the season and want to see more of Norm and Chet uncovering the mysteries surrounding Vault-Tec and all of his shady experiments in the vaults.

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