Wuthering Waves: Best Ways to Spend Waveplate (WP) Early Game


    Like most gacha games, Wuthering Waves employs an energy system that uses a replenishment currency called the Waveplate. It can be used to farm Resonator and Weapon EXP Potions, Rare Echoes, Shell Credits, and Upgrade Materials. This is the best way to manage your Waveplates early in the game.

    How to use Waveplates Wuthering Waves

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    All important Wuthering Waves resources can be farmed in various Training Grounds, Tacet Fields, and other instance-based dungeons that cost Waveplates to claim rewards. Each Waveplate you spend will also reward you with Union EXP, which, in turn, levels up your SOL3 phase (equivalent to Genshin Impact’s world level).

    Naturally you will replenish a Waveplate every six minutesbut you can only Hold a maximum of 240 Waveplates at a time. If you’re impatient, you can also use a Crystal Solvent or 60 Astrite to replenish 60 Waveplates instantly. Since Astrites are best reserved for Convene extractions, your best bet is to wait for the Waveplates to replenish over time.

    It is generally considered wasteful to leave the Waveplate count at 240, as the downtime could be used to replenish more. As a new player, don’t be afraid to use your Waveplates liberally to speed up progression!

    How to spend Waveplates as a beginner in Wuthering Waves

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    At the beginning of the game, your main objective is progress as quickly as possible by increasing your SOL3 phase. Doing so increases the difficulty of the game but also unlocks high rarity rewards. So instead of hitting the bosses in Tacet Fields, which you probably can’t defeat without some Resonator upgrades, Focus on your first few days by farming the simulation training fields. in Jinzhou.

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    Simulation Training Grounds allow you to farm Resonance Potions (for Resonator EXP), Power Cores (for Weapon EXP), and Shell Credits. EXP materials will be very useful for upgrading your main equipment. In the early game, every level counts and you’ll get more value by farming these materials instead of going to Tacet Fields, which will only drop low-level echoes at this point.

    Even when you spend all your Waveplates on EXP materials, don’t waste them on random resonators. Be careful who you create and save some for upcoming banners that might interest you. Once your characters can no longer ascend without boss materials, Start going to Tacet Fields to farm only the materials you need..

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